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Skrillkitty flail @ Shambhala!

Original pic:

Skrillkitty feelin’ real blurry

Original kitty:

Skrillkitty mustache dat you get down wit da bass, plz

Original kitty:

Disco Skrillkitty scratchin’ yo face off!

Skrillkitty rockin’ the decks!

Original kitty: belongs to Kaelhyum, a Facebook fan

I can turn your cat into a Skrillkitty too! Just ask!

Skrillkitty kill scary monster MEOWWWW!!!

Skrillkitty try new jacket.

Original kitty:

Skrillkitty at the rave!

Original kitty:

Nyan Skrillkitty <3 You

Original kitty:

Skrillex really loves us!

He’s even joining in the fun on his Facebook page. See?